Columbia & Greene Counties Career Jam,
April 14 - May 27
Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Warren, Washington, Hamilton & Essex Counties Career Jam,
April 26 – May 27

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June 11, 2020

8:00 am - 8:05 am CT

MUG President Welcome

  Marci Payne, MUG President
8:05 am - 8:30 am CT

Executive Keynote from Mitel CEO, Mary T. McDowell

Mitel CEO Mary T. McDowell will set the stage with an executive keynote on Mitel’s strategy, performance and vision for the market.

  Mary McDowell, President and CEO Mitel
8:30 am - 8:45 am CT

Helping Customers Find the Right Path for their Business Today and Tomorrow

  Scott Peterson, Senior Vice President, Sales Americas, Mitel
8:45 am - 9:00 am CT

Mitel Portfolio and Solutions Strategy

Join our Chief Product officer, Tarun Loomba, to learn about how the Mitel product portfolio is being reshaped under the new OneMitel approach. Hear from Tarun how the portfolio addresses customers' needs whether it is cloud, on premises, or hybrid environments, and what new applications we are delivering across these environments. will do Q&A for this session

  Tarun Loomba, Chief Product Officer, Mitel
9:00 am - 9:05 am CT


9:05 am - 9:35 am CT

How to Maximize Productivity Through Efficient Communication Tools

Tools enabling employees to communicate and collaborate anytime and anywhere have never been more important than today. Business communication for many has seen rapid change over the past months. Changes that would probably have taken years under normal circumstances, now have become a reality in just weeks. Keeping in touch with customers while preserving employee productivity has been a key challenge for many businesses. Mitel’s portfolio with its strong Collaboration and Contact Centers solutions has helped many businesses achieve that. These applications can help businesses accelerate their digital transformation journey and hence enables them to not only effectively deal with the current crisis, but also come out stronger at the other end.

  Martin Bitzinger, Vice President PLM, Mitel
9:35 am - 10:05 am CT

IP Paging and Notification using SIP & Multicast with Algo

A condensed 20 minute overview highlighting the applications and capabilities of Algo’s SIP endpoints for voice paging (public address), door security and safety or emergency notification. Learn why so many verticals including healthcare, education, government, manufacturing, hospitality and retail are adopting IP based paging and notification solutions and how easily Algo products integrate with Mitel’s comprehensive range of premise-based and cloud communication systems.

  Scott Farrell, Strategic Accounts USA and Canada, Algo
10:05 am - 10:35 am CT

Ask the Expert Chat Session in Networking Lounge

Patrick McDowell, MiContact Center Customer Advocate / Lead Product Support Specialist, Mitel
11:00 am - 11:30 am CT

The Future of Work is Remote

The future of work as we know it today will be forever changed, as companies globally sent millions to work remote in the matter of weeks. Learn more about why companies are willing to embrace this “normal” and how Team Collaboration plays a foundational component in that strategy. Also, learn more about the cultural implications required to drive productivity with a remote workforce.

  Mona Abou-Sayed, VP, Collaboration & Applications, Mitel
11:30 am - 12:00 pm CT

Mitel Workforce Optimization powered by ASC

ASC's recording and analytics solutions are integral components of the Mitel Workforce Optimization (WFO) Suite. They enable compliance recording, analytics, quality management, coaching and eLearning functions on Mitel communication platforms. The entire offering is available both as a service from the cloud and as an on-premise solution and is supported by MiCloud Flex.

  Ed Mooney, Director Channel Sales 

  Jacob Nimocks, Director Solutions Consulting 
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm CT

MiVoice Onsite UC Roadmap

Mitel’s flagship on-site UC platforms MiVoice Business, MiVoice Connect and MiVoice MX-ONE are the foundation for a premises-based UC solution. Combined with our full suite of collaboration and contact center solutions, these platforms enable employees to communicate and collaborate anywhere with best of breed tools and provide an excellent customer experience. Our MiVoice platforms continue to deliver new features and capabilities that together with our application suites provide seamless communications and help employees work faster and smarter. This presentation will introduce you to what’s new over the last six months, what’s coming in the near term as well as our longer term strategy for the on-site UC market.

  Kurt Kruger - Director PLM Mid-Market, Mitel

  Eddie Lambert - Head of PLM MiVoice MX-ONE Solutions, Mitel
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm CT

MiCloud Connect Roadmap

Mitel’s flagship Cloud Solution - MiCloud Connect platform provides customers full communications and collaboration services in the cloud, featuring collaboration to make teams more productive, enhanced customer experience tools, and improved business intelligence with integrations. It has been reported in the analyst community that number of companies moving  the unified communications and collaborations service to the cloud continues to accelerate globally. In this presentation you will learn features we introduced in the last several months, as well as exciting upcoming features in the next few months to continue enhancing the industry leading UCaaS solution.

  Kevin Hsu - Director Product Management, UCaaS, Mitel

  Bryan Flandro, UCaaS Solution Architect, West Region, Mitel
12:30 pm - 1:00 pm CT

MUG Mingle/Networking Session

Join us in the auditorium for "MUG Mingle," a live panel discussion with MUG board members and attendees.

MUG Board & Attendees - Panel Discussion
1:00 pm - 1:30 pm CT

Leveraging Workforce Management & Reporting For A Successful WFH Contact Center with Calabrio

Flexibility in contact centers means many things to many people. It usually means making life easier for agents, enabling them to strike the all-important work/life balance. Or, it can apply to the automated technology that makes flexible working possible. Join Calabrio to learn how Calabrio Teleopti WFM and Calabrio Advanced Reporting are empowering companies to create an efficient and profitable remote contact center, while keeping agent morale and engagement high.

  Mark Payne - Principal, Strategic Consultant, Calabrio
  Vickie McGovern - Regional Sales Director, Calabrio
1:30 pm CT - 2:00 pm CT

Developing a Growth Mindset: MUGpro Professional Development Session

Organizations that adopt a growth mindset are in a great position to thrive. But what exactly is a “growth mindset?” Mindset is a choice and a growth mindset are a set of attitudes and behaviors that reflect the belief that an individual’s talent is not set in stone. Talent can be developed, and intelligence fostered. Having this type of mindset during times of change and uncertainty can help individuals and teams to thrive. In this session, we will look at fostering a growth mindset for you and your organization. We will look at how a growth mindset can help employees to develop, grow, and learn and how it helps leaders to take on more capabilities and to strengthen creativity and innovation.

  Sheri-Lynne Leskiw, Director, Organizational Development & Talent, Mitel
2:00 pm CT - 2:30 pm CT

5 Key Metrics Every Contact Center Manager Should Master with Brightmetrics

Knowing the right metrics for your contact center are invaluable to a company that wants to use their contact center as a tool for achieving business objectives. With the right metrics, you and your team will have the data you need to manage your customer experience, get the most out of your contact center employees, and maximize the return on your investment. During this session we will walk you through the metrics or metric combinations that you and your contact center managers should have a handle on, why they matter, and the business insights you can garner from those metrics.

  Peter Hornberger - VP of Product, Brightmetrics

  Matt Beatty - EVP of Sales and Marketing, Brightmetrics
2:30 pm CT - 3:00 pm CT

Powering Your Remote Workforce with MiCollab Advanced Messaging by XMedius

Telework has become a reality for much of the global workforce. How have you adapted? Providing the right tools for the remote worker today will also create long-term efficiencies for your staff as we return to whatever “normal” means in the future. MiCollab Advanced Messaging is a modular solution that can help your organization build resilience and empower staff with Unified Messaging, a Speech-Enabled Personal Assistant, advanced Mobility functions and much more.

  Linda Hanke, Global Strategic Partnerships, XMedius 

  Alan Lewis, Senior Solutions Architect, XMedius
3:00 pm CT - 3:30 pm CT

Contact Center Roadmap

In this presentation, learn how you can provide customer experiences that help you stand out from your competition with Mitel’s contact center solutions. We will specifically focus on our MiContact Center Business/Enterprise, our Contact Center as a Service offerings, and Mitel’s Workforce Optimization portfolio.

  Matthew Clare - Director, Contact Center Solutions, Mitel
3:30 pm CT

Live Event Ends

The Auditorium Session, Resource Center and Training Center are available until July 11, 2020. Come back and watch the sessions you missed, take a training, or download/share any of the materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Student FAQ’s

You will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of careers you may never have imagined. You will see some fun skills demonstrations that you could see yourself doing. It will open up ideas to show you how you can do something you dream of to have a good paying job when you’re an adult.
You’ll have access from any electronic device from when your school says it is open and also on your own until May 28th. You can return and view anything you didn’t have time for the first time or anything you want to revisit. Feel free to share this experience with your family!
Once logged in, you can explore the auditorium, participate in a scavenger hunt and leader board for points and prizes! Explore the exhibitor booths where you’ll learn about careers through video and other electronic files. You can download files to your virtual backpack. You can also chat with representatives from local businesses. Ask any questions you have about careers at their place of work or ways kids can learn what is needed to gain experiences related to their jobs.
Click to enter the front door. Watch a welcome video in the auditorium and exhibit hall. Roam around & explore! The virtual event can be navigated like a website or digital game by clicking images and links. A starting place may be a visit to the JA Inspire Help Desk for a list of career clusters, exhibitors, and Jam Sessions (webinars). Look out for pop up notification boxes telling you about interesting exhibits or contests. The exhibitor booths are found in the Hall. They are able to be accessed by scrolling the Hall left or right or clicking on employer names in a directory. We suggest you visit first the ones matching your interests & even those that may not be obvious matches. Lots of employers need people with skills in a variety of areas to be successful!
Scavenger Hunt - students will be asked to find hidden objects to win points. Prizes will be awarded!.

Leader Board – Students will be rewarded for being active in the event like attending a webinar or downloading a variety of content.
Prizes will be awarded!
There will be no student-to-student chat and all chats will be monitored. Chat questions directed to employers will not be public.
Yes, you can log back in to revisit the event through May 28th.
We recommend you do more research into careers you may not have considered or to visit those you are already interested in. After the event you can research the company websites, complete the post event projects from Junior Achievement's JA Inspire program if available from your school. Talk to your parents or guardians, teachers, and guidance counselors about fields or skills you found interesting. Find out what courses you should consider that will start your career to build your successful future!
Yes. We hope you’ll have a great time exploring the virtual exploration, learning about careers, chatting with company representatives about the careers you’re interested in and participating in the scavenger hunt and leader board. To ensure a thriving and respectful environment for all, we ask that you:

  • Remember you’re representing your school. Chat will be monitored for inappropriate language and conversations. Inappropriate language or questions won’t be tolerated. Chat questions to employers won't be public to other attendees.
  • Keep questions to exhibitors/presenters related to careers at the company or industry you’re visiting. See the Student Code of Conduct for more details.
Check with your school’s technology department for any firewalls that may deny access for students or teachers.

Teacher of Educator FAQs

Career Jam is an innovative and inspirational workforce development approach to promote our region’s business and organization to our future workforce.

Career Jam connects local employers from diverse industries with area students through virtual learning activities. This experience inspires our youth, while exposing educators and families to promising careers in our region.
Geared to “tap the minds” of our future workforce, we reinforce that every skill level and career choice can be employed here.
16 Career Clusters in our area:
  • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
  • Business, Management & Administration
  • Education & Training
  • Finance
  • Government & Public Administration
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Human Services
  • Information Technology
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
: Accessible from any device • No downloads required • Visually rich virtual environment that mimics the dynamics of a physical live event, including a virtual lobby, information booth, auditorium, exhibit halls with booths and sponsor visibility • Students, faculty & area parents can revisit the virtual event following the live event. • Materials saved to a virtual bookbag for easy emailing by students to themselves & parents post event.
Students will learn about career opportunities in our area by viewing videos and other uploaded content from the employers from various industries. The Virtual Career Jam offers a visually rich virtual environment that mimics the dynamics of a physical live event, including a virtual lobby, information booth, auditorium for presentations, and halls with booths and sponsors.
This is a virtual event! Students, educators & parents can securely register & access Career Jam by registering at
Yes! Files that a student saves are stored in their virtual backpack (like an online shopping cart), These files may be sent to their email as well.
Each student will have a unique login for the virtual event. Students will enter their school email address to send downloaded materials provided by the business/exhibitors.
Career Jam is presented with Junior Achievement and it’s JA Inspire program. Career readiness resources can be provided to schools. Downloadable career assessments and other tools to evaluate the students’ interests helps them explore how their interests may relate to different careers & to see what is possible for their future. Educators can contact Joleen of Junior Achievement at
Career Jam will provide registered schools with a registration link to share with students to create their unique login credentials.
Yes. A list of exhibitors can be found on the Career Jam Event page.. There will be a diverse range of sizes and industries of employers. It will continue to expand as the event live date draws near so check back!
Check with your school’s technology department for any firewalls that may deny access for students or teachers.

Sponsor & Exhibitor FAQ’s

Many companies are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. Career Jam virtual event gives students an opportunity to explore careers they may not have considered previously. This helps grow the future workforce to reduce or eliminate shortages.
Your sponsorship makes this event possible. Your support broadens the horizons of what’s possible for thousands of students across our 11-county region. You’re empowering them to dream bigger!
Career Jam will have thousands of students from all across our 11 county region. Not only will students be able to visit booths, download documents, watch videos and explore careers on the Kick-Off Day, but they will be able to return 24/7 from any device through May 28th for repeat visits. This will allow classroom activities, sharing with their friends, parents, and guardians, or to review something in more depth or missed at the event.

This access gives sponsors and exhibitors recognition over the extended term beyond the live event as well.
Sponsors, like all exhibitors, will need to populate their booth(s) with their logo, video content downloadable pdf’s. Sponsor booths will also have better positioning along with other branding opportunities in the virtual venue. Career Jam will send a link to the employer/exhibitor contact and can begin building their virtual booth by uploading content It’s important to have all files gathered before you begin this process! It will take approximately one hour to build your booth.
Each booth includes the following items:
  • Company profile
  • Contact information
  • Links to company website, and videos posted on YouTube or another site
  • Career Jam's required demonstration video - simple, engaging, authentic 2-3 minute max video of a skill commonly needed in your workplace, or a game that demonstrates knowledge related to it or an activity common to your workforce that kids of 13-15 years old could perform safely at home. Assistance is available to brainstorm content ideas.

Other Pre-recorded video(s) – highly recommended for students to view after the live event because not all students will be participating live
  • Presentations or PDF documents that you want students to download. It is recommended to upload no more than 10 files and give them identifiable names.
That is an option available to you. If no one is available, the importance of having pre-recorded videos that will engage the students is even greater. Live representatives will have the ability to monitor and engage in a virtual chat with students interested in their field of work.
Career Jam will send you a link to your booth so that you may access and begin building! We recommend refreshing your video and document content throughout Career Jam as students, educators and parents will revisit.
All photos or graphics can be linked to your company website, YouTube, or any other site that will help you tell your story. For protection of our students, we ask that you DO NOT provide links to your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
You will be able to organize your uploaded information into a series of content links that will appear in a menu at the bottom of your booth page. You can name them whatever you want but they should be self explanatory. Examples are: About Us, Careers, Internships, Apprenticeships, Jobs In Demand, News and Events, Contact for more info, etc.
  • Students will be curious about what they would experience in “a day in the life” of someone who works at your company. You could choose several job types and create low-tech mobile device videos that follow your team members through different job activities.
  • Unique to Career Jam, we require at least one short 2-3 minute video showcasing to 13-15 year old youth what skills are foundational to your field. You can film a cool chemistry experiment or some other activity that illustrates what your company does & skills needed
  • You should make sure to include footage of the work environment and the skills that you are looking for in prospective employees.
  • You can also use videos that you have already created to promote your company.
  • Keep in mind that students will want to take in information in “bite-sized” pieces because they will be excited to explore all of Career Jam's Virtual Exhibit areas; for that reason, your videos should be no longer than 2-3 minutes each.
For our previous exhibitors, remember all of the stuff you hauled to Career Jam in-person events in past years, such as construction vehicles, medical dummies, tools, and equipment? You can show students the same things as images hosted at Career Jam Virtual booths. A pdf of a vehicle or medical device should include images with an explanation of how those are used in jobs. Info from your industry that is designed to fascinate students with an explanation of the field advancements or impacts on people it serves. A pdf of a nurse could describe how fulfilling it is to care for others. Whatever you do, keep in mind that the goal is to inspire students to reach for careers that are in demand and they could love.
Students will be able to download any document that you post at your booth. You might want to post a document that gives students information about internships or apprenticeships. You might want to give them the email address of an individual in your HR department if students (or their parents) want to request additional information about internships or careers at your place of work. You might even find that a parent applies for a job!